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Product Marketing Essentials - Crash Course

July 11, 2021 By Kira Tchernikovsky

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What Is Product Marketing?

What Is Analyst Relations?

How To Leverage Podcasting In Product Marketing?

Yana Persky of Pepperi - B2B Sales Platform for Brands & Wholesale Distributors generously shares her views and best practices.

Key highlights:

>> PM sits at the intersection of #ProductManagement#Sales, and #CustomerSuccess

>> PM is a challenging 'breed', especially in the new companies - because you need to know the product and the competition inside out

>> 3 pillars of PM success are:

1. Research - Before, during, and after any type of launch

2. Messaging and positioning that help frame your product in a way that shines

3. Product launch and go to market strategy

>> The complexity of building Analyst Relations is overrated 

>> Guest podcasting can boost your effort 

Tune into the full version for details: