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Is personality the most important hiring criteria for a sales or sales leadership role?

Ofer Yourvexel thinks so.

Granted - he considers intelligence and competence as table stakes - but from there, personality is the deciding factor.

He articulates the point in the video clip below from The CEO Sales Insights Podcast, and like a good ex-military person, he breaks it down into nice, neat chunks:

So what kind of personality does Ofer think you should be looking for in a sales leader?

Three things:

First, competitiveness - can’t argue with that - striving to win is a big part of any sales role.

Second, interpersonal skills - no doubt, right? Sales, business, and leadership are about relationships - full stop.

Third, innovative - the world keeps changing and surprises happen. If a leader can’t navigate through and execute around unknown and unexpected challenges and situations - it’s going to be bumpy!